Monday, March 29, 2010

The Means of Production

I feel like a little cog in the big machine of capitalism today. So much work. Except, of course, that I work in the civil service, so technically I'm not a labourer in the capitalism system. Or am I?

I dunno. This is just one of the many panicked thoughts I am having as I face the piles of work on my desk, and ponder the even bigger piles that will accumulate over the summer.

We got the list of what needs to be done from now to October, and it is a doozy. Whimper. How will I even be able to take days off to watch The World Cup? I dunno. Maybe I'll have to limit it to the days when the Italians are playing.

So, as usual, instead of dealing with this problem, I'm in full do-nothing panic mode this morning. Trying to think straight. And browsing the Internet instead.


cityofmushrooms said...

calm down--
everyone at your work will be camped out in the lobby watching the world cup on big screen tv's
(73 days to go)

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

Only the higher-ups, alas. Not us worker bees.

cityofmushrooms said...

"fake it till ya make it"
you are, after all, boss material-
set yourself right down and watch them italians run in sweaty slow motion (did I mention there are only 73 more days?)

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

And tomorrow it will be only 72 days....time to start polishing up the drool bucket.

Susieq said...

Speaking as a fellow civil servant, I sympathise completely!