Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aussie B-Day wishes

It's only the 18th here, but it may be almost the 19th down under, so I will wish Susieq a Very Happy Birthday today, because by this time tomorrow here it may be too late there. Clear?


cityofmushrooms said...

happy birthday!
I suppose you can go swimming somewhere lovely on your big day?

Anonymous said...

Pre NaPoMo poem:

Here's a special wish for Susie Q.
That being Happy Birthday Day to you.
Hope your day is filled with fun and glee
And a naked visit from George Clooney.*

JAW fan

*only if he is to your liking, that is!

Anonymous said...

Damn that double "day"...My poem is ruined!...ruined, I tell ya.

My apologies.

And my apologies to our blog Mistress, Mushroom Lady, and both Anons...I know, I know, "how come she gets a poem on her birthday???"

JAW fan

LLJ said...

Happy Birthday Susie! Thought of you just this morning when my local news had a story all about Australian sheep being rescued from flooded areas...or was that just moved to higher ground? Hard to tell when sun isn't up yet. Anyhoo many happy returns.

Susieq said...

Thank you all - it is the 19th here and this is a post heavily influenced by a number of after work cocktails and a day spent having a meeting followed by a tour (with free samples) at a chocolate factory!!! (just pick whatever you want off the production line...) Now, what better way to spend a birthday? Except of course, George Clooney was nowehere to be seen (starts thinking of George and all the liquid chocolate I saw today).....thanks for the poem!
(oh and there is life after 50, there must be, I've made it to 51....)
Yes, floods up north and dumb sheep being rescued, you saw right LLJ.
Thanks again everyone.

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

Samples at a chocolate factory? on your birthday?
You made that up! That cannot be true!

Susieq said...

Oh, it is, it really is. But being the generaous soul I am, I have given most of them away to the nephews and nieces (as I have diabetes, what choice do I have??)

Anonymous said...

somebody could NOT like George Clooney?
(Happy Belated Birthday, Susie Q!)

Anon LP

Susieq said...

Thank you Anon - you're right, I can't think of anyone!