Monday, March 29, 2010

In the dating world...

Remember that Monty Python sketch where the woman answers the door in her negligee and the milkman gets lured upstairs only to find lots of other milkmen, some of whom are very old.

The purring Persian came over yesterday. I wore jeans and a sweater, not a negligee. Don't even go there! Anyway, he says: I left your address with my room-mate, if I don't come home tonight, I told him to call 911 and give the police your address." (He said this laughingly, of course.) So I said I could take him upstairs and he could see the bodies of all the other young men who had been lured here. And he said: "And you could have a long knife".

Over-active imagination, that young man.

No negligee, no knife. That's me.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I saw that sketch less than 3 weeks ago.

In my world, you are in fact wearing that negligee, luring young men with big bags of chips off the street...As you get them upstairs, you say "I'll hold those for you while you make yourself comfortable"...proceeded by you locking them in the room and finishing the remaining chips.

Sexy and salty.

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...