Tuesday, April 05, 2016

NaPoMo continues...

Today is April Five
And my NaPoMo blog is barely alive

...sorry that's all I've got. Sad.

Friday, April 01, 2016

It's Here! It's Here! NAPOMO 2016

NAPOMO is here again!

Yes, I admit I forgot all about it.
But the Internet reminded me
In the form of a tweet from
The indispensable Naheed Nenshi

(Ok, I wrote it to look like a little poem, but this isn't going to fool anyone. This isn't a poem at all. Things can only get better from here.)

Friday, January 01, 2016

Whoo hoo, it's 2016

2016 is here at last. The glorious year when many amongst us will reach the glorious age of 55 and reap the benefits of ample senior discounts.


What's that you say? There aren't any senior discounts at age 55 anymore.

But, but....there used to be! There used to be $3 off at the movies. No more?

Well....great. Just great. What is the point of turning 55 if I won' t get $3 off at the movies. Phooey. Like Sammy, I can't drive 55. (Yeah, I did that on purpose to put that song in your head.)

I can't driiiive fifty fiiiiive!!

P.S. RIP Lemmy of Motorhead fame.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

By Jove!!

You just knew I could not let the passing of Blaque Jacques go without a brief posting. So here it is.

He's dead. If ever there was anyone who we can assume will be buried wearing a three-piece suit, it's him. Perhaps with his thumbs permanently in his vest.

I don't think there are a lot of the heavyweights of the old PQ left now. I shan't miss any of their politics, although I am sure my old friend PQ Face is in mourning today. But you know who is not in mourning? Money and the ethnic vote! that's who.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Last night I went with Smoothie to see the new Max Mad. I liked it. But, being an old bag, there was one thing that really disappointed me, and perhaps this is true of all movies being made today.

Back in the day of the original Road Warrior, sonny, there was no CGI. So we knew that that desert, those desolate highways...they really did exist somewhere in the Australian outback. They were real places. If we ever took it upon ourselves to go there, we could actually be on those roads. Now with CGI, none of the places in the movie really exists. To me, this is a great loss for the movie-goer's imagination.

(Tom Hardy is no Mel Gibson. But that's another story. Not his fault, really. Nobody else is the young Mel Gibson either. Even old Mel Gibson is nothing like the young Mel Gibson. C'est la vie.)

But the point of this post is not Road Warrior 2.0 at all. It's Smoothie. As we were leaving the cinema, we were discussing sequels and remakes and how nothing lives up to the original (although Max Mad Fury Road IS a very, very good exciting action movie). And Smoothie pointed to one of the Upcoming Attractions posters and said "Like that one, The Man from You En Cee Ell Eee. I burst out laughing. It's Uncle, The Man From Uncle.  BUT, BUT, there's a period after each letter! he argued. And I had to admit that for someone his age, not familiar with the show, it made perfect sense to think it was You En Cee Ell Eee, and not Uncle. He said, is U.N.C.L.E. some kind of United Nations thing? I thought that was what the U.N. stood for. Amazing to see this thing from another generation's point of view. Nothing is as obvious as it first appears.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today in "I'm really old" news

I went to the bank at lunch time to redeem some Canada Savings Bonds. Remember Canada Savings Bonds? Your parents and grand-parents probably had some.

These were "heirloom" bonds that my dad had purchased in 1992 (!) and were transferred to me when he passed away. The Canadian govt officially notified me that they were kaput and no longer earning interest as of last November.

(Why did I wait 6 months to redeem them? I lost my safety deposit box keys...but that's a whole other post.)

Anyway, I accompanied the bank lady into the vault to retrieve my safety deposit box and my bonds and then went downstairs to redeem. We're talking a whole $2,000 here!

The bank teller (age 12) looked at them and said: "Wow, I'll have to ask how to do this because I've never seen one of these before! This is great. I'm learning something today."  Great, kid, happy to help.

His supervisor showed him what to do (FYI, it's basically like depositing a cheque) and away I went with $2,000 in my chequing account. As I was leaving, the 12-year-old teller said "If the bank calls you about the service today, tell them it was great cause you taught me something."

I await their call.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Go ahead and thank me

I went to Florida and brought Spring back with me.

It wasn't easy carrying that sun in my suitcase, but I managed.