Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I just had a kid come to the door, dressed in a normal costume. I guess he was a Detective. But his father, who was waiting on the sidewalk, was dressed like a cow.  Head to toe. Cow.

The kid is old enough to be embarrassed. What can you do when your dad is a bigger Halloween party animal than you are? The kid said "thank you" and the dad gave me a big friendly wave. I hope he was drunk.

The Red Scare is Back

I no longer watch CNN, but since the hurricane I have tuned in for a couple of evenings.  I am fascinated by a commercial that runs on CNN, paid for by a private citizen.  The fellow is a Hungarian immigrant who moved to the US and clearly got rich. So rich in fact that he can sponsor his own political t.v. commercial, starring himself.

The commercial is about the Evils of Socialism. It is truly bizarre. Socialism makes people lazy. Socialism means people have no dreams of bettering themselves.  Socialism causes people to abandon all hope and ambition.  WTF?

I did not realize that the US was teetering on the precipice of becoming the USSA.  So how do we stop the US from becoming the next People's Republic? Vote Republican.  Hey, if a crazy old rich guy says it, it must be true.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nuthin' happenin'

There is so much "weather" affecting the eastern part of North America, and yet, ain't nuthin' happenin' 'round these parts.  It's very weird. Maybe we will get torrential downpours tomorrow. Maybe, maybe not.

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en. If it rains hard, then there will not be many trick-or-treaters on my street. This means I'll have to eat most of the Floridian mini chocolate bars in my stash all by myself. I will regret that.

While in Florida, I had my first taste of alligator. It was Lousiana gator. Breaded. Tasted like popcorn chicken!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Goin' South

I am off to sunny, warm Florida in the early morning for a brief mental health break. The whole family is going this time. So it should be interesting. The oldies and the young 'uns.

I shall leave this as the "open thread"  as the pro's say in the blogging world, so you may discuss bacon to your heart's content in my absence.

Back next weekend, hopefully suntanned and definitely bloated with American snacks. Wise Chips, here I come.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Samosa Hangover

I have discovered samosa heaven in Montreal. A colleague brought in samosas from Pushap, near Namur, for a luncheon this week. 

Let me say, shamelessly, OINK! OINK!  Your humble blogger ate not one, not two, but FOUR samosas. I couldn't stop. They were so good.  I'd rather eat FOUR samosas than have dessert any time.

Problem is, guess who has been (near literally) running to the bathroom three times morning? Hint: It's ME!  Dang that curse of the Indian food.  Samosas, I can't quit ya. I today am paying a major price for my piglet behaviour.  But they were sooo good.


What a great sweep of the Yankees. Bravo! 

Will A-Rod (BOO) be gone from NY forever? There was a great comment made during Game 3. A Rod (BOO) was on the bench and not looking at all like he would even pinch hit. And one commentator said "Is there something wrong with him?" And the other replied "Nothing wrong from the neck down."  Ooh, snap!

Prince Fielder's beard is the very definition of "fugly".

I hate when commentators refer to home runs as  "dingers".  Stop doing that.

And, over in the National League, best name in baseball:  Buster Posey.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Classic

I am once again addicted to baseball.  The wildcard play-offs were amazing, and last night Game One of the American League Final was on-the-edge-of-my-seat exciting. I can't believe I was up past 1 watching that endless game.

I don't want to see the Yankees win again. I hate their wealth. Individually I like most of their players (except A-Rod BOO!) but I am rooting for Detroit all the way!  Too bad about Jeter's broken ankle. He is a classy guy and I like him (unlike A-Rod BOO!) but Go Tigers.

In the National League, I am pulling for the Cardinals. They do miracles. Game One is tonight.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Canadian workers are even less productive than originally thought – 0.1 per cent per year less productive, to be exact. That’s the conclusion of Statistics Canada after a series of recent revisions to more than 30 years of key economic data ... (The G&M)

– 0.1 per cent per year.  I take full responsibility for this. My bad.  Apparently, one person's supreme laziness can skew national statistics.  Sorry, StatsCan.

Monday, October 08, 2012

A Small Holiday Miracle

Happy Thanksgiving to all. The African Mask is gone from my humble home. Yes!

Yesterday, Fancy Feast dropped in for a chat. He is now semi-officially living in NDG with the new girlfriend. So he is a 10-minute walk from my place. O joy.

He resisted taking the mask. "Does it really bother you that much?" he asked. I said, why yes, yes, it does bother me that much. "Why," he asked. "It's been here for a year."  Yes, that's part of the problem.  I want it out. So he reluctantly took it, saying "I don't know what 'new girlfriend' is going to say about it. So far all I have is a suitcase with some clothes and some toiletries".  Well, I said, now you'll have the mask too.  And off he went, bearing the mask.  Adieu African mask!

(Aside, I need a nickname for the new girlfriend. Right now I just think of her as "Poor Sarah". I'll have to come up with something else. Run, girl! It's not too late.)

Thursday, October 04, 2012

But enough about bacon...

I am back. Was away for three days in beautiful sunny Kingston (Ontario, not Jamaica) so I have indeed been delinquent about blogging.

We all know this is NOT a bacon blog, it is an "Update on JAW Fan's blogs" blog. So here is the update. His blogs are gone, finito, vamoose. Sayonara to his blogs. His computer was infected by spyware and basically done gone all f*cked up. So both blogs have been deleted. For all eternity!!

I missed Margaret Dumont Wednesday and now it is gone forever. Woe is me.