Thursday, October 04, 2012

But enough about bacon...

I am back. Was away for three days in beautiful sunny Kingston (Ontario, not Jamaica) so I have indeed been delinquent about blogging.

We all know this is NOT a bacon blog, it is an "Update on JAW Fan's blogs" blog. So here is the update. His blogs are gone, finito, vamoose. Sayonara to his blogs. His computer was infected by spyware and basically done gone all f*cked up. So both blogs have been deleted. For all eternity!!

I missed Margaret Dumont Wednesday and now it is gone forever. Woe is me.


Anonymous said...

Blogging might just very well be the most stressful thing I have ever done.

Having to delete them was like putting your pet to sleep. Very sad!

But I will be back very soon with another one...Let's hope!

And to think I have only been doing this for less than 2 months and here I am already about to start my 4th blog.

I think this calls for a bacon sandwich!

Knuckles Girlyskirt

mushrooms said...

margaret was lovely, as always
and glad that knuckles has not given up

mushrooms said...

another thought: could it be that "knuckles" and/or "girlyskirt" is a little known area in the middle east that is currently in conflict w/a certain superpower which shall remain unnamed....?