Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creaky old bag

I got on a crowded 105 bus last night and some young guy offered me his seat.  I said no, thank you. Then he stood up and insisted and I repeated no, it's no problem.  He looked quite upset that I refused his kind offer.

I am old.

I want to go live in a cave and be depressed. I wish I drank.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

In anticipation of receiving his 14-month package and all the free time that will entail, JAW Fan has launched his own blog. See the link on the right.  I'm feeling a disco inferno comin' on.

I have returned from the Holy City where Sis and I saw Broooce...again.  We've been seeing Broooce for 34 years now. Each time we see him, we think okay, he's old, we're old, this will be our last show. Then we go to the show and have a fantastic time and say, okay, next time we see him will be the last time.

It ran 3 1/2 hours and was really, really great. It was a perfect, warm night for an outdoor show. The roof was open on the stadium and we could look up at the CN Tower while we waited in our seats.How can I complain about a show that starts with an accordion playing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".   It ended at 11:45 p.m. with a long, crazy Twist & Shout, and in between we heard so many of my faves, Darlington County, I love that song, and Rosalita and lots more. Sis said they would need a long hook to yank Bruce off the stage. It was like he didn't want to leave. Worth every penny, once again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Our browsers at work have been upgraded. This means I can blog at work again. Oh joy.  My job may become bearable again.

The only news that matters today, however, is that photos have appeared on the Internet of Prince Harry cavorting nude.  Cavorting.  I'm looking up that word. Has anyone ever cavorted while clothed? I think not.  Except for clothed in a bikini, perhaps.  I believe the bikini clad amongst us also cavort (on a beach only), but primarily cavorting can be done in the nude only.

Oxford says to cavort is to "prance around excitedly or self-indulgently".  Prance? Not run or jump? Prance.  Nude prancing around = cavorting.  And in Harry's case, royally.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Phyllis Diller died. She was very old. The title of this post is supposed to sound like her.

We must be getting old, too, because everybody we used to watch on tv when we were kids is dead.

My condolences to Fang.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Long Awaited Return of Fancy Feast

My phone range at 8:30 a.m. today. I was still in bed, but I could hear Fancy Feast's voice leaving a message. He was in town. I had been told he was coming, but hadn't heard from him in over a week so I didn't know if his trip was still on. It was.

Where to begin...he has a new girlfriend and she lives about 15 minutes from me on foot. Now how convenient is that? She is recently divorced and has two small kids, so she doesn't want him staying overnight at her place until he gets to know her children. He has not met them yet. So this weekend he stayed in a rented room in NDG. Any wagers on whether I am going to be asked if, in future, he can stay here because he can't afford to rent a room every couple of weeks? I'd say that the chances of that request coming my way soon are 100%.

So I returned his call and what is the first thing he asks. Can I rent a car from the car share co. in order for us to go to Verdun to pick up his favourite rotisserie chicken. They do not deliver to NDG. I kid you not. I said, no way am I renting a car so you can get chicken for lunch. He carried on as if I had said yes. I said, I'm not doing it. Forget it. He still went on about the fries and sauce. I had to get rude and say YOU AREN'T LISTENING!! I AM NOT RENTING A CAR TO GET CHICKEN! He sighed and said "fine".

He came over around 12 and we ordered Chalet. It was good enough for me. I felt totally stuffed.

Anyway, I won't go into every anecdote I heard in 3 hours, but the one that will stay in my mind is when I asked how his sister was doing. She got married last November (which was another drama I won't go into). He told me she is getting a divorce. I was quite shocked. He ran through the long list of everything that was terrible and awful about his soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law, but the one image that will stay with me forever is he has untreated toe fungus.

I really have to end it here because I can't top that.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We're No. 3! We're No. 3!

Okay, we have one silver, but really we are the Barons of Bronze.

One other thing: Apparently there is a big serious scandal in badminton.  I just want to type the words "badminton scandal".