Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Black Cat is out of the Bag

I met the black cat's owner tonight. I was outside when this woman (walking a huge dog) stopped and said "my cat has adopted your house".

I was surprised to find that this lady seems very nice and smart. But she has 6 cats and this huge mutha of a dog. Apparently, Blackie (who is a boy) does not get along with the dog, which would explain why he is never home, and is always on my ledge.

Oh well, at least his owner now knows of my affair with The Blackster. I even admitted that I have fed him, though, I gave the impression I have done it only sporadically, when in fact it is nearly daily.

So I'm a liar.

1 comment:

cityofmushrooms said...

cue doris day singing, "my secret love's no secret annnyyymmorrrrre!"