Monday, March 29, 2010

An idea whose time has come...Bravo

Ian McEwan "invents" chip porn*. How long have I waited? At last! At last!

From his new novel:

(According to, the protagonist is a liar, adulterer, thief, bad citizen, bad father, and to top things off, a compulsive eater of salt-and-vinegar potato chips.)

"The trick," he explains, "was to set the fragment on the centre of the tongue and, after a moment's spreading sensation, push the potato up hard to shatter against the roof of the mouth. His theory was that the rigid irregular surface caused tiny abrasions in the soft flesh into which salt and chemicals poured, creating a mild and distinctive pleasure-pain."

I'm a-tingle!

*or he has been reading JAW Fan's wang-o-meter chip reviews? Can we sue?


cityofmushrooms said...

wang-o-man should definitely sue

Anonymous said...

mmmm...Chip Porn.

Once again, sexy and salty...a winning combination.

JAW fan