Sunday, January 09, 2011

Women are Crazy

My friend, the Tall Teacher, has an opportunity to work in the Caribbean for the next 5 months. For the past few weeks, I have been Miz Supportive, encouraging him to go for it, saying that this is a great opportunity to work in a foreign culture, in his field, and he's the perfect age (30) for this, no dependents. And, for heaven's sake, it's moving to the Caribbean in January! I would've jumped at a similar opportunity at that age.

So he'll decide this week. I'm still being encouraging. But tonight, after hanging up the phone, I found I was turning into THAT woman. You know, THAT woman. The one who does a 180, and suddenly, after all that encouragement and support, suddenly cries DON'T GO!!!!! DON'T LEAVE! The crazy woman.

I don't wanna be that crazy woman. But, really, DON'T GO!!!! The Tall Teacher is nothing if not logical. If the crazy woman suddenly materialized crying DON'T GO!!!, he would look at her, Spock-like, and say: But you're the one who's been telling me what a great opportunity this is. And then I would look like an idiot. *sigh* My pride hurts.


cityofmushrooms said...

hang in there, crazy woman

Anonymous said...

...and with all your days vacation, going to the Caribbean for 3 - 4 weeks strikes me as a win/win

JAW fan