Sunday, January 02, 2011

Talkin bout my Resolutions

Ok. The main thing I have to deal with is, you guessed it, work. Throughout my glorious working career I have traditionally been able to detach from my job as soon as I walk out the door. But in 2010, this was a Big Fail on my part. Too many things made me too angry too often. So my Numero Uno Resolution for this year is to re-learn to detach.

Number Two: Severely decrease chip consumption. Note I am not attempting to NEVER eat chips again, but just don’t eat so many. Frankly, this should be easy. Don’t buy ‘em = don’t eat ‘em. And yet this elusive goal is difficult to achieve.

Number Three: Eat more vegetables. I love vegetables, I just hate preparing them.

Number Three, Sub-Part a): Hire someone to prepare my vegetables.

Number Four: Stop stuff from accumulating. Note that I am not attempting a major decluttering, as this would be the stuff of fantasies. So I am aiming to keep the piles from getting bigger. Buy one thing = throw one thing out. Zero sum gain is the goal. And hopefully some occasional decluttering.

See how modest the goals are this year? I’m taking it easy on myself, But I still need to lose those effin’ 20 pounds. Grrrr.


cityofmushrooms said...

number 3, sub-part a: make him attractive and wear shorts as part of the chopping and peeling job; perhaps a retired azzurri

Anonymous said...

oooh, if that's how they do it out west, I might reconsider the whole weather thing.