Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apparently, I'm an Outrageous Spendthrift

All these years I thought I was Miss Frugal, and now suddenly, I am waster of money. Who knew?

It's about lunches. (JAW Fan will be familiar with this debate.) I buy my lunch every day for no other reason than I am a lazy ass. This, I cannot deny. In the past week, I have been attacked not once, but Twice, for my spendthrift ways.

First, Tall Teacher was appalled, appalled I tell you, that I buy a Coke (almost) every day at work. At work a Coke costs $1.55. Yes that is a ridiculous price. "That's $45 a month!!" shrieked the Tall Teacher. "If we were married, I would NOT let you get away with that!!" he said sternly, shaking his head. (Good thing we aren't married, thought I.)

Now BGTSmoothie (Jew) is on my case. I was proud to tell him that I had not only brought my lunch twice so far this week, saving $5.45 per day on the lunch special here at work, but I had bought a Coke at IGA last night for 65 cents and had therefore saved 90 cents on the price of the Coke had it been purchased at work. I was proud. And this is the response I get: "why do you have to buy the brand name? You are still paying too much. Don't expect a pat on the back from me."

Women may be crazy; but men are crazy cheap!!


Anonymous said...

My comment: It's your f**king money. Spend it any f**king way you want!!! Just don't spend it all and come asking me for handouts.

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...

"If we were married..."