Monday, January 31, 2011

Foreign Food

Because a lot of people at work travel extensively, we often find treats from foreign lands in our communal area.

This morning I arrived to find tapas from a company in Argentina. Everything on the label is in Spanish, so I don't know what I'm eating, but boy, is it ever tasty. I knew this would happen when our resident Spanish experto, JAW Fan, is away.

Using on-line translation I know that Relleno con Dulce de Leche means something like stuffed with sweet milk. It does have an awful lot of icing sugar on it which makes it messy to eat.

I have no idea what's in it, but I'll be grabbing a second one later. El yummo.

1 comment:

cityofmushrooms said...

sounds like where I work-- last week someone came back from somewhere and brought amazing tamarid-cookie-pastry things--

let's hear it for the multiculti!