Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strictly Canadian Celeb Death News

Maureen Forrester died. Tell me I'm not the only Canadian who only remembers her as being the "culture" part of every Confederation Day (or Canada Day) concert on CBC in my youth.

There would be an act like the Guess Who, or worse, and then it would be time for our only famous opera singer Maureen Forrester. And, as a kid, I'd think she wasn't really a REAL opera singer because her voice was low and not screechy high. Real opera singers screeched, in my book at age 8.

I was surprised that she died, only because I figured she'd been dead for years.



cityofmushrooms said...

in related CBC/culture news:
Alberta culture minister calls Canadian TV "shit"

Brian Busby said...

I trust he's excluding teen soap operas shot in drafty warehouses.

cityofmushrooms said...

no that's art (alberta style)