Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Chip News

Jumpin’ Jezebel in a housedress! I cannot take it anymore. Chip flavours are coming out faster than movies in the Twilight series. The new flavour in question: Ruffles’ Hot Wings. For chicken connoisseurs, let it be known, there is absolutely nothing poultry-ish whatsoever about this once-again-misnamed chip flavour. And if you’re hoping for finger-lickin’ sloppiness, forget it! None of that either! But, now, for the good news. As a BBQ chip, these taters are positively oo-la-la. The hot factor in these babies has been upped a notch, taking me back to my Puerto Vallarta vacation…but not hot in a way that will have you begging the local fireman to put his hose in your mouth (not that that’s a bad thing.) So, if you’re looking for a spicy snack that won’t set your undies on fire, these Wings win without a doubt. Yes, folks, this sack o’ potato pleasure will have you munching away like a beaver on hard wood.

On the wang-o-meter, these clucky chips rate a floppy four fowly inches where chicken inspiration is concerned; but as a BBQ potato snack, they rate a happy-as-Hell, Lucifer-lovin’ nine inches of hot afternoon delight (or any time of day for that matter.)