Monday, June 21, 2010

And in other sports news

When the Persian dropped by, I was (sort of) watching the US Open. The Persian knows zero about golf, but for some reason he was immediately mesmerized by the t.v. (Translation: he’s a guy.) So we watched some golf.

Persian: I don’t know anything about golf, but I know it’s not good if it goes in the sand.
(we watch a bit more)
Persian: Or the really high grass.
(we watch a bit more)
Me: Why is it so hard to stop watching golf?
(we keep watching, ohhhing at missed putts)
(minutes pass)
Me: Are we going to do something else, or do you want to keep watching golf?
Persian: I don’t want to watch golf…..oh, look it’s Tiger Woods!
(we watch more golf)


Anonymous said...

the best was when the guy says "Dustin Hoffman is not having a good day" then starts laughing .... wtf? Mr. A. explains that it's Dustin Johnson - ooohhhhh!

cityofmushrooms said...

were you and the persian-one stoned?

Anonymous said...

Wait till he sees curling!!! Now that's hypnotizing!

JAW fan

Brian Busby said...

Yeah, I think it's better when the ball lands on the other grass... you know, the short grass.