Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pre-Winter Freezing Over of Hell

Two days ago, I got a long tale-of-woe email from Fancy Feast that he was dead broke, and the payroll dept had messed up his pay and he had no money until Wednesday. I ignored that email because if ever there was an "Intro to Asking for Money in the Next E-Mail" that was it.

Yesterday, I heard from him again but only to argue about my thoughtlessness in not FedExing him 2 (yes, 2) loaves of olive bread. I said, it ain't gonna happen, let it go, etc. And that drama seems over.

But now, lo and behold, I have just received another email, saying that he did receive his pay and he is ready to send me $100 to begin repaying his debt. Of course, saying he's going to repay and actually repaying are two different things, but given all of debt woes of the past two days, I am rather shocked by the offer. Maybe he's going to want to trade the $100 for olive bread? I don't trust him.


Anonymous said...

Comment # 1: Come on, it's obvious. The repaying of the loan is just to soften you up so that he can ask you to move back in, as he will be returning to Montreal soon.

Comment # 2: Enough with the olive bread, you dork!!! It didn't take long, but he's getting on my nerves again!!!!

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...

are you in hell?
is it cold?

Harry Flashman said...

How much does he owe you? I forget.