Thursday, November 03, 2011

Job opportunity

I see that the 90-year-old American churchy nut who twice predicted the world would end this year and was wrong both times, or so it seems, has resigned.

Clearly, two big mistakes in the same year would result in a negative performance review from his boss, God.

I want that job. I can predict wrongly with the best of them. I'll pick a date and ask gullible fools to support my ministry. I'll giggle as I watch them give away all their belongings. Then when the day passes uneventfully, I'll say sorry and go back to my predicting, but I'll wait a year because I don't want two mistakes in the same year.


Anonymous said...

That's what FF should do: Pick a date and wait for unsuspecting fools to bring him Olive Bread (or any other edible goodies - he'll never have to work again!)

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...

maybe FF can take over the job and force his followers to bring him olive bread twicew weekly

Susieq said...

And think of all the money you can make!!! Because those preachers are never poor... the good Lord always provides.