Monday, November 21, 2011

FF Monday Report

I spoke to Fancy Feast yesterday, and as expected, he asked if he could move back. I said No Income, No Belmore.

Then he explained that he still has an income. He is working for the same company "remotely" from home. (Aside: That is MY dream, but it will never happen for me.) He is part-time now, 20 hours per week, but said he would request to be brought up to full time, 40 hours. Then, working remotely, he could move back to Montreal. Apparently, the company has a guy working full-time remotely from Saskatchewan right now, so it can be done. My skepticism was palpable.

He said he has five choices of where he would like to live.

1. Vancouver
2. Victoria (because he loves both these cities and "knows people there")
3. Ottawa (home)
4. Montreal (me)
5. Winnipeg. Now Winnipeg is only an option because when he was hitch-hiking West this summer he stopped there for a bit and met these two sisters who invited him to stay overnight and before he said anything else he said "Don't Judge Me!"

Ah, Fancy Feast. I think my sister summed it up best when she said "Don't let that goof back in your house".


Anonymous said...

I'm no board with Sister Nanuk.

You got him out once...the next time may not be so easy.

Besides, he's only going to steal your Pringles again. Of course, you do steal TP from neighbours. Perhaps it's a match made in heaven.

JAW fan

Anonymous said...

oops! I meant "I'm on board"

cityofmushrooms said...

so what about those winnupeg twins??

cityofmushrooms said...


Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

They weren't twins. I specifically asked that because twins are allegedly every red-blooded male's fantasy. They were just sisters, not twins.

cityofmushrooms said...

alas for him