Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pre-Birthday News

Last weekend, the "girls" had a b-day party for me since I am going to be away in The Holy City on the actual Day of 50 Doom.

They performed a funny birthday song for me. To the tune of Hungry Heart. It had 20 verses. I didn't think there was that much to say about me. Blackie the Cat had two verses just about him. And the CPNs got a verse too. (Almost ruined the song, but not quite.)

And then they presented me with house-cleaning-themed gifts, the main one being a pile of $$$ which I am to use to buy a.....ROOMBA! I'm so excited. The lazy woman's vacuum-cleaning dream will soon be mine. And I look forward to watching my feline friends ride around. Maybe they will even end up in YouTube videos, riding the ROOMBA, like so many other cats. (Just search: "cat roomba" for all endless fun.)


cityofmushrooms said...

heck all I got was italian food and american opera
(I am certain skittles needs a roomba)

Susieq said...

Well, not sure when your birthday actually is Nanuk, but have a happy one - there is life after 50, believe me!