Monday, February 14, 2011

More V-Day antics

Here is a Valentine’s Day story to make us old folk SO happy we are not 20-something anymore.

BGTSmoothie recently met this girl. He has hung with her and her friends a couple of times. A bit of hanky panky has taken place. He was over there on the weekend and was told he could get “favours” if he sent her 2 dozen roses for V-Day. Really? I said. 2 dozen roses? That’s her price?

So, being the cheap son of Israel that he is, he’s complaining because he called a florist that is “9 minutes” from her work, and the delivery charge will be $8.00. Eight dollars for 9 minutes distance. You can imagine his outrage over this. (It is quite an Ignatius-Reilly-type outrage, I might add.)

I said, why have them delivered? Bring them yourself, if you truly want to do this, to ensure that you get your “favours” and the delivery man doesn’t. Heh heh. He said No. She insisted that they have to be delivered to her office. I’m guessing this is to show everyone at her work that she is getting 2 dozen roses for V-Day. I wonder if she will let the co-workers know what he is getting in return. I told him he is an idiot if he goes along with this deal, but he’s 25. I guess that is still in the age of idiocy. Sigh. Kids today.


cityofmushrooms said...

how much are a dozen dozen these days? I'd say this girls comes cheap!

llj said...

On V-Day? They are 10 times what they are any otehr time of year. It's all so silly, I'm glad to not be 20-something again.