Thursday, May 06, 2010

RoMaBo - University Edition

I spoke to Fancy Feast last night about our alleged date for tomorrow night.

He is in full panic mode, not about the date, but about homework. He was laid off last year and decided to go to university for a career switch. And university started this week. And now he has realized that university = lots of homework. Especially in the short 6-week spring term (as opposed to the normal 12-week fall or winter term). This ain’t high school, pal.

So he’s totally freaking out. He’s trying to figure out how to get the homework done and leave time for the date which he claims he’s been looking forward to all week. Anyone want to place a bet on whether I’ll spend the weekend twiddling my thumbs?

Well, there’s always decluttering to be done. No time to waste!

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cityofmushrooms said...

yo fancyfeast: get it together