Friday, May 07, 2010

RoMaBo - I've been dumped! (or maybe not)

Well, that was quick. Fancy Feast emailed me last night and said he suspected I had "a plan of action".

If you have any idea what that means, please enlighten me.

I asked him to clarify and never heard from him again.

And they say women are difficult.

Not one to let that get me down, I immediately emailed the purring Persian and said: Whatcha doing this weekend?

Update. It appears Fancy Feast suffered some kind of homework-related meltdown last night, but seems to be recovering (and is back in communication) this morning. The fun is endless.


cityofmushrooms said...

encore un fois: me-OWWWW

Brian Busby said...

I think he meant "plan for action"?

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

You say that like "action" is a bad thing!