Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Forth, and Rock!

Ronnie James Dio died. He ws 67.

Everyone who knows me knows I have no interest in heavy metal at all. But I do love one song. "Man on the Silver Mountain" by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. Dio sang it. I just checked on youtube and it's there (of course) so I will listen to it later at home.

There. There is my one heavy metal confession. I haven't heard that song in decades, but I still love it.

Well, maybe two. There's that Def Leppard song I really like too. But I can't remember what it's called.

The only other time I love metal is when it is related to Jack Black either in School of Rock or anything done by Tenacious D. Raise your goblet of rock!

UPDATE: In case this was going to keep anyone from sleeping tonight, I can report that the Def Leppard song I like is, of course, Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Nanuk, the Metal Head


cityofmushrooms said...

you can't deny the truth, sister: you're a closet metal-head--

Anonymous said...

one of my friend's son apparently tore her home apart upon finding out about his death. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

‘Killed by Death’ – Lemmy (a true romantic)


Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

Wha? He tore the house apart because Dio died? O mio Dio (or something Italians say..)

I did that when Joe Strummer died. (NO, I didn't.) How dumb is that? That kid needs help.

Brian Busby said...

"Pour Some Sugar on Me"? Really? The only one Def Leppard song I've been able to tolerate is "Photograph".

The best heavy metal song of all time? "Paranoid", of course.


Anonymous said...

Fact and rhetorical question:

1. Def Leppard are not metal.
2. What is the technical term for that tempo they use? Plod?

Paranoid is a pretty great song indeed.

LLJ said...

I must confess I am a metal-head...but I did not tear anything up over Dios' passing. I'm afraid all I could come up with is "Dio died? Damn shame."

Oh and Def Leppard? Plod indeed!

cityofmushrooms said...

another vote for paranoid-
but then again, we DID jog around the gym to "iron man" in grade 6 at heavy-metal-aylmer-elementary

Brian Busby said...

"Iron Man"? Isn't that a bit slow, even for jogging?

And by slow, I really mean plodding.

Anonymous said...

Iron Man is slow, but it's cool slow.

Say - since this is a rare thread about metal on this blog, let's discuss that last Goatwhore album...

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

What has happened to my blog? There were 4 comments last I checked and now 10. I thought we had been taken over by spammers! But no. It is The Metal Discussion.

I don't even know Paranoid. Now I shall go to YouTube to listen and maybe recognize it. sigh.

I am such a painfully slow jogger that I should add Iron Man to my mix. Finally, a song I can "run" to.

cityofmushrooms said...

it was slo-mo-trippy jogging