Tuesday, December 07, 2010

C'est L'Hiver

This country is for the birds. Looks like we will have about 20 cm total snowfall by the end of our first storm of the season.

I took the metro last night and when I got to my station there were ZERO buses headed west. Nary a one. Fortunately I was properly dressed so I started trudging along and got to Grand Blvd. when a bus pulled up. I boarded the can along with the rest of the sardines. Then the bus driver had the nerve, the temerity, to say I had not swiped my card, which I had, but obviously he couldn't tell which arm it was that poked through the crowd to do the swiping. In my sweetest voice, I said that yes, indeed, I had swiped my card and proceeded to swipe again. Of course, the card was invalid because it had JUST BEEN SWIPED 10 seconds earlier. But the driver said Ok. I smiled but inside I thought "You, sir, are a giant asshole for being a nazi about card swiping on a brutal night like this".

I shoveled snow for 30 minutes last night before bed, and another 15 minutes this morning, just to clear the path to the sidewalk again.

In jolly news, it appears that Crazy Polish Neighbour is away or ill (let's hope the latter) because this morning it was Crazy Polish Wife who was shovelling, which she never does. Being civilized and not as crazy as her crazy husband, she does not dump their snow on my property. So I was happy to see her out there.

And Blackie the cat is spending the day in the mudroom because where can he go? I put him outside but the sidewalk had not been cleared yet so he had no way to run home or to any other shelter without pouncing through snow that is taller than him. So I let him back in the house, and left him some water and a bowl of dry food.


cityofmushrooms said...

one: way to not go postal on nazi-swiper bus driver
two: I still disbelieve in CPN's
three: may sheltering of homeless blackie bring you continued 2010 good karma

Susieq said...

Usually I put in something here about our crazy hot weather, but as its about 22C at the moment, I can't do that. The concept of snow, nonetheless shovelling each day is not something I am familiar with. I guess the equivalent for me is to come home and water the garden.

Maybe crazy Polish neighbour will never be able to shovel snow again??

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise Susie, if you ever come to visit, don't eat yellow snow. Mrs. A.