Thursday, January 01, 2015

Post Number Two: 2015

I haz an inkling that a number of posts for 2015 are going to involve my boss, or as he is henceforth to be known: The Stupidest Man Alive (TSMA).

Just to refresh the reader's memory, I work in an editorial department, thus my boss would be the Head of Editorial. If ever there was a Head that didn't know its ass from a hole in the ground, this would be that Head. Any story I relate about TSMA may be slightly disguised to protect the guilty but will in essence be an accurate depiction, without embellishment, of his utter, utter, inconceivable stupidity. I would not wish my on-line memoir to be accused of embellishment and be pursued by Oprah and her gang of thugs, therefore I will relay the facts, the true facts, to the best of my ability. Onward...

Yesterday, being the last day of 2014, we were short-staffed so only myself and TSMA were in the office. He comes to see me to consult on something, given, he says, my "expertise" on the subject matter. Right. (Background: TSMA has been the Ass of Editorial for 22 months now. 22 months!) Without going into detail this is the head-scratcher he presented to me: a text with a title and numbered paragraphs that were presented as such:

2.1  full title
2.1.1  first paragraph's text
2.1     second paragraph's text
2.1.3  third paragraph's text

The clever reader may already sense where this is headed.

The puzzler involved what did I think about this repetition of "2.1". Was it new a title? No, I replied. There's a "2" missing. It needs a "2". It should be 2.1.2.  Anyone who knows me in person can pretty well conjure the tone of my voice as I relayed this expert opinion. (22 months he has been Head of Editorial. 22 fucking months!) Ah, said he, I thought so too but I wanted to get your confirmation on this. He turned and departed, his little brain at ease.

FIN (of my sanity)

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cityofmushrooms said...

so THIS is what all those head ed's are up to--
happy 2015