Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Couple of Random Things because...

...I'm already slacking off and it's only mid-January. So unrelated items here.

1. In American politics, I loved this headline today "Ohio bartender contemplated poisoning John Boehner".  Well, who hasn't? In all honesty, who hasn't at least once contemplated poisoning John Boehner?  He's so poisonable!

2. In local labour news, pretty well every city bus has at least one big sticker, some buses are covered in stickers, protesting the lack of negotiations with the City (or is it the Province? I dunno) who basically want to cut the very generous pensions of public workers. These stickers want Open Negotiations which translates as Libre Negotiations. But the stickers all say

Libre Nego

and EVERY SINGLE DAY I misread it and do a double-take, because I think it says:

Libre Negro.



mshrms said...

...o mtl

Brian Busby said...

Hey, I misread it on your post.