Monday, January 26, 2015

En Français, SVP

Jeez, another week has gone by with no blogging. Lame.

Fortunately, I have an amusing little anecdote from the weekend. I had dinner on Friday night with a group of Francophone folks. Now, for anyone outside Quebec, allow me to provide a bit of cultural background. Quebec separatists have a "look". The men in particular have a "look", which is middle-aged, grey-haired, glasses and a grey beard, more often than not a goatee.

Friday was my first time meeting this group of Francophones for our soirée en français.  We were already a few people around the table at the restaurant, when this fellow comes in and joins us: middle-aged, grey-haired, glasses and a grey beard. Within a couple of minutes of conversation, I had labeled him (in my head) Separatist Know-It-All.

Later, when I showed a picture of our dinner group to my sister, she called him "Classic PQ", so from that point on he has been known as "PQ Face".  And was he ever a know-it-all.

Anyway, we were discussing how in most of our work places, we do end up speaking English. Even PQ Face said that with his colleagues he often had no choice but to speak English. In fact, he said, one night he even dreamed in English! Unable to resist I said "That must've been a nightmare!"  Hey, it got a big laugh from two other people at our end of the table. It was one of my better ones. PQ Face smiled a bit to acknowledge that he got the joke, and said no, it was just a dream.

Our group is meeting again next weekend, but for now, it appears that PQ Face will not be gracing us with his presence. All I can say is Dieu, Merci.

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madame mushrooms said...

what?! no more PQ Face?? as I read, I thought: that's the one who needs to be blogged about--