Friday, April 30, 2010

Wisconsin-based Chip Review

Who would have thought that my business trip to Madison Wisconsin would result in a major potato chip discovery. The town itself was surprisingly hip, with plenty of interesting things to do (fun stores, huge variety of restaurants, arts and culture, etc)...but the highlight was the bag of chips I spotted in the convenience store. There on the racks was a flavour of Doritos that leaped out at me like some demented girl in a giant birthday cake at a lodge convention...Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger...Certainly, the taste could not live up to its name!...Wrong!...These beef flavour-enhanced cheese snacks did in fact taste like a cheeseburger. I was so thrown back that my underwear nearly flew off. But were they yum worthy, you ask? Yes, indeedy, they were!!! So much that I rushed back on my last night to procure what turned out to be the last one on the shelf. I only wished I had a bag of the Lay's French Fries and Gravy chips I had reviewed nearly two years ago with me...then it would have been the perfect fast-food meal treat. On the wang-o-meter these quarter-pounder triangles of fun rate a deep-delving and (w)ow-inducing 9.5 inches...meatier than Jimmy Walker and complimented with the perfect Velvet Painting of Elvis-like cheesiness. Mr. Doritos, please, feel free to slip that recipe of yours into my boudoir, where I would be more than happy to mmm-mmm-mmm all over you.

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cityofmushrooms said...

wisconsin chip-bliss! who knew?