Saturday, April 17, 2010

Open Comments

Mr. D. says: Go on vacation already, human. We want the bathroom to ourselves.

The forecast for the Tampa area: rain tomorrow; scattered thundershowers for the next few days. Effin".

Consider this the vacation post. Leave as many comments, poems, etc., as your lil hearts desire. Back on Friday...


cityofmushrooms said...

this cat looks too smart
but can he work the can opener?

Anonymous said...

NaPoMo ends sooner than thought
'Cause Nanuk wanted temperature hot
Even next week it will unravel
Because for work, I have to travel
To Madison Wisconsin...oh please!
Does anyone want me to bring back cheese?

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...

cheese nothing--
we want more poems!

Brian Busby said...


Poems about cheese.

Anonymous said... it is, a short poem about Cheese:

There are so many types of cheese
There are Cheddars and there are Bries
Sometimes pungent, you've most likely smelt
But tasty on a tuna melt
Cheese can have mascots, like the Cheetos Cheetah
Or be very mysterious, much like Velveeta
Or soft like Cheez Whiz, great on celery
And won't bend your spoons all Uri Geller-y

(sorry, the poem has to end here...I mean, seriously, can I really top that last rhyme???)

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...


Brian Busby said...

Yes, bravo!

The finest use of Uri Geller in a work of art since his 1976 Daredevil appearance.