Thursday, April 08, 2010

JAW Fan's Ode to Pag

There's something I've been dying to know,
Whatever happened to Pagliaro?
Is it I fear?
Is he out of a career?
There was a time he was so hot
Especially with "What the Hell I Got"
Even with "Some Sing, Some Dance"
He had the fire in his pants.
But nowadays he's never seen
Has be become a true has-been?
Is there any way he can revive
And return the spirit of '75?
You know...the kind of thing...
The days when CKGM was king,
Where no matter where you did go
People asked "How's your oiseau?"

To those who did not grow up in Quebec
I know you're saying "What the heck?"
You had to live here for you to know
Just who the hell is Pagliaro


Anonymous said...

The thing that stuns me is that my brother has seen ‘Pag’ several times over the last few years – even making a couple of multi-hour trips to catch club gigs.


cityofmushrooms said...

holy synchronicity batman! Just heard pag on the radio coming home (OOOO Yooooo) and (as I sang along) I thought--where is michel today?

thank mister NaPoMo--