Friday, December 07, 2012


Am I the only person who becomes obsessed with tracking a package when I order something on-line?

I bought some stuff last week that is being shipped from British Columbia. The store sent me a link to track my stuff.  On the 4th, I saw that it was scanned and departed Richmond, BC. On the 5th and yesterday, I checked in the morning and in the evening, and nothing. Of course, I realize if it is coming from BC it needs a day or so to get GET HERE, but I still wanted the tracker to show me some progress.  Something like "flying over the (freezing) Praries", but no. Nothing.

But this morning, I see that my package arrived in Lachine and has been scanned, so it should be delivered today or Monday.  Yay. It's not even an Christmas present, but there is something so exciting about knowing my purchase is now close by.

I need more of a life.

This is what happens when I have no news from Fancy Feast for over a week.


Anonymous said...

I tracked my ipod order from some unknown city in china to hong kong to Toronto to Lachine. Yes very exciting!
Mrs. A.

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

From La Chine to Lachine.

Anonymous said...

I've been ordering off Amazon using sellers. They do not provide tracking numbers. It comes regular post. Everyday is a surprise when I come home...and a disappointment when the mailbox is empty. But, then, that's what beer is for!


Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

My package was delivered at 13:47. Excitement!! I just hope it was left between the doors and I don't have to go pick it up at the post office tomorrow.

m'shrooms said...

yes, trackling DOES equal excitement
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise