Monday, December 10, 2012

Double-breasted shearling coat

I don't usually comment on the latest viral sensations, but that IKEA monkey is so cute in his little coat.  I like that people have called him "a smart monkey"  and "a dapper monkey". 

I'm glad the authorities appear to have placed him in a sanctuary and didn't give him back to the dumbass humans who decided they wanted a monkey as a pet.  A monkey is not a pet, I don't care how dapper he is in his little shearling coat.

Word of the day is "dapper".


cityofmushrooms said...

or "shearling" whatever that is
(signed unfashionable in edmonton)

Anonymous said...

Prior to my birth, my father's uncle had a pet monkey...that is until my father's aunt made him get rid of it!

He was an alcoholic later on in life (maybe even at the time)...not sure if there's a link or not!

Knuckles G.

mushrooms said...

the monkey was an alcoholic?!!