Sunday, December 02, 2012


Ok, you James Bond experts, a question for you.

I saw Skyfall last week and thought that it was a lot of fun. Unbelievable, ridiculous, over the top, yes. But it was a great way to spend 2 hours plus.

But someone mentioned something that has been bugging me for 2 days now. If all agents use aliases, then why does the gravestone of Bond's parents say "Bond"? Is this explained anywhere in a previous movie or in a book? Is Bond the only MI6 agent who uses his real name? It seems especially clumsy since M makes a point of saying of what Javier Bardem's real name is, and what his agent name was. (No, she does not say his real name is Javier Bardem.) But then it appears that Bond is Bond's real name.

Maybe Bond's real first name is Raoul, and only James is an alias? I dunno.

Spoiler alert:  RAFE! I'm so glad he is the new M. Although he is not aging well. He'll be 50 this month and he looks it. This is the problem with being overly beautiful in one's youth. There's nowhere to go but down.  As all of us know. ha ha.


mushrooms said...

we've missed RAFE/ralph news on this blog--

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about the use of spy names. I basically watch the movies for stunts and a glimpse of skin.

However, if you're looking for logic in a Bond movie (particularly the Roger Moore versions), the use of his name strikes me as trivial considering some of the other more ludicrous things that are taking place.

Knuckles G.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were a 'like' button on this thing! Mrs. A.

Anonymous said...

James Bond's name is James Bond. He's used other names in the movies. The lamest, probably, was "James Stock," which makes me cringe, just typing it. There's a long, involved fan theory that "James Bond" is just a name the secret service gives a guy -- and that's why it's six different actors, and the character isn't 90 -- but it doesn't work at all. I don't know why Silva wanted M to say his real name, or why it was a big deal. I also don't know why M had a spanish guy spying in the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

More fun! The bad guys in the last three movies have been named "Mr. White" "Dominic Greene" and "Silva." Get it.

James Stock!