Monday, September 24, 2012

The beat I cannot get out of my head

I am very late to the party with this post, but I finally watched the Gangnam Style video on the weekend, and, this is EVERYTHING I love about crazy Asian pop culture.  (There were only 440 million views ahead of me, it's up to 460 million views today.)

The guy in the yellow suit makes it for me, but I love all of it. And leave it to CBC News last night to educate me that this song has a political message.  Sure beats folk music all to hell.

I must go rock out to the beat once again.

Unrelated: Re Mr. Girlyskirt's fave Scopitones. How can The Silencer not be in his Top 2?  I love The Race is On, but she is no Joi Lansing.  Also, the girls in the Sea Cruise video are so wholesome and cute. Why can't dancers in videos today be wholesome and cute, instead of looking like trashy ho's? Bring back wholesome and cute!!, sez this uptight, old bag.

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Anonymous said...

Re Gangnam: So many people seem to be laughing AT it....whereas I find it funny and entertaining, but not in that William Hung way. It's actually quite good.

Re: Joi Lansing. Yes, she's up there all right. But it's hard to pick a favorite...and the two that I did put have catchier hooks...but Joi's Scopitones are definitely better made, have more style and are laden with more tongue-in-cheek than a cheap porn movie. Damn! Now I have to go watch them again!!!