Friday, September 14, 2012

Is Nothing Sacred?

So everybody in the Middle East seems to be on a rampage today. Mobs are protesting in front of any old Western embassy.  But, but, now it is reported that a mob in Lebanon set fire to a KFC.  Have these people no sense of decency?  The Colonel would weep.  Salty, fatty tears.

In other news:  Why can't the Royal Family keep their clothes on? Are they wearing itchy English wool?  Stop getting naked, you are royalty.


Anonymous said...

Why can't everyone be happy and just enjoy a good ol' bucket of chicken with the they did on the album cover Tijuana Picnic.

If you want to see a picture of that album cover I know a blog that has it...oh, wait! I think it got shut down.

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more with Nanuk of the North. Are royalty still not used to the fact that there are sleazy people out their with cameras. No place on the planet is safe from these indescrimate people. Keep your clothes royalty when visiting places beyond your borders!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it was a conspiracy. Nanuck never wanted him to have his own blog!

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

He's cooking up another one. When it is ready to be released to his fans, I will advise and provide a link.

stay tuned...

cityofmushrooms said...

what's this about a new blog by the man they call HPH or MPO or HMH (formerly known as J*W f*n)??

Anonymous said...

Yes...I will be testing out a new one in a different style.

Hopefully will be up and running tonight or this week sometime at the latest.

am trying to come up with my new name. Majordomo HPH is retiring before beginning his career

So far I have:

JOG van
Knuckles Girlyskirt
Fandango Pudding

Not sure if anything has clicked yet

cityofmushrooms said...

you'd better check that "knuckles girlyskirt" (my fav) is not a town in a country currently at war w/a certain superpower

Anonymous said...

Knuckles Girlyskirt was my favorite, too.

Was the name of a character (in the mob) I created years ago for a story that I never finished.

Now, all I have to do is Google it and see what pops up.

Knuckles Girlyskirt