Monday, February 20, 2012

The Ring of Fire

On Saturday, being a dedicated international civil servant facing a tight deadline, I went to the office. As my treat for my dedication, I stopped at Tim's and got a coffee and one of their new gourmet bagels: jalapeno flavour.

The bagel was so spicy it burnt my tongue. I had trouble sipping my coffee and had to wait for my coffee to cool off to be able to sip it. Hot, hot bagel but very tasty indeed.

However, the burning that occurred when the bagel went in was no comparison to the burning felt later. The last time I had anything this painful exiting was during the "spicy carrots episode" after Indian Cultural Night at my employer's some 20 years ago. Perhaps JAW Fan will care to share his remembrance of those sensations.

It has quite put me off having another one of those jalapeno babies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nothing in life should ever have to be as spicy as those chili carrots were!!!...Actually, "Sphincter Fireballs" might be a better name for them!!!

JAW fan.