Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kids today and their real estate

My niece and her boyfriend bought a house today. She just texted me. I responded with an appropriate text "OMG!"

Permit me now to be my 51-year old-fart self and exclaim: "They are just kids!!!! Are they crazy???"

In fact they are not kids. They are both 26, but heck, anyone who I held as a one-day old baby will NEVER (in my brain) be old enough to have a mortgage. Let her mother's sleepless nights begin...

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Susieq said...

mmm, methinks you are just feeling old Nanuk...one of my friends commented the other day that a policewoman she had been speaking too 'looked about 15' - I said that its a sure sign of old age when you start to think like that.