Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Great Stupid Thing

Sometimes you see something that is so dumb, it's actually funny.

Today in my junk mail folder, I got an invitation. But it was not to join Facebook. It was for a site that is a "clever" play on the word Facebook. It was an invitation from F*ckbook.

(I'm leaving out the u so I don't come up in searches for F*ckbook.)

Really? Don't you want to meet the genius who came up with the name F*ckbook? It's effing brilliant.


cityofmushrooms said...

so....did you sign up?

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

As tempting as it was, I passed up the opportunity to join F*ckbook. I waste enough time on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I'd *like* your status, but this isn't f*ckbook.