Friday, February 24, 2012

Je suis malade

I'm home sick today. I've had a cold most of the week, but being dedicated to my work on the Annual Report, I soldiered on. But with the AR out of the way for a few weeks, I can now rest and deflate, and blow my nose, and eat hot soup, and take a nap, etc. etc.

I am off to the Holy City of TO tomorrow for my birthday weekend.Sunday is also Oscar night, so all of Hollywood will be celebrating my 51st, or so that is what I will tell myself. I'll be back Monday evening.

Ms Mushrooms tells me that, so far, 51 is better than 50. Let us all hope so!


cityofmushrooms said...

may young mister clooney share your holy-city-birthday-celebrations

Susieq said...

Many happy returns Nanuk, hope you get over your cold soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nanuk! If you need any special deliveries today (hot toddy ingredients, got them?) I'm just around the corner.

Harry Flashman said...

Happy Birthday :)