Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Latest on Fancy Feast

It's almost a week since I last posted anything. Where does the time go? I guess we are due for some Fancy Feast news.

I got an email from him yesterday. He is miserable in Ottawa, hates his family, can't find a job, etc. etc. And he wants to move back to Montreal. So he writes: "I have a bit of money. Not much, but enough to do my own thing. What do you think if I came over for a week or so to apply for work and go to interviews? I'd want to use your address and home phone number for the job applications. When I use a Calgary number, they think it's too much hassle or something. I can pay you for the week that I'd be there."

If this was anyone else I know, I'd say yes. But we all know "a week or so" in FF-speak means he'd never leave. Last night I had a chat with A Man From Laval (AMFL) and I explained the FF situation. He zeroed in on the fact that I am in fact FF's "Enabler" and having FF in my environment prevents me from taking care of things that I need to do for myself (for example, decluttering and fixing my house).

So from now I have to quote AMFL: "You can't enable him to enable you to not do the shit you need to do." So there it is. Now I just have to tell Fancy. I can't enable him to enable me to not do the shit I need to do.


Anonymous said...


Don't be such a pushover and, while you're at it, clean your f**king apartment!!!

I could grow to like this Lavalian.

JAW fan

cityofmushrooms said...

AMFL is rarely wrong

Anonymous said...

AMFL - not to be confused with AMF Lasalle. I also hate to bring this up but a certain nun on TV told you long ago to free your mind of the muck. Declutter your home and your mind while you're at it. BE FREE! Sing Please Release Me Let Me Go as you tell him to bug off. mrs. A.

cityofmushrooms said...

there is a decluttering nun on TV?!