Sunday, December 11, 2011

Woman behaving badly? Or "completely normal"?

Yesterday I blogged about a quarrelsome 19th Century Englishwoman. Allow me to update the crime blotter with this local story from last month.

This story raises only one question from me: What country is she from?

"A 45-year-old NDG woman was sent a $37 ticket under Westmount’s “good morals and decency” by-law after being found completely naked in a parked car behind Westmount city hall November 19 at 3:36 am, Westmount Public Security officials said. The woman was described as “being intimate” with a fully-clothed man, the driver.

Both were described as “so occupied” they never noticed the patroller on the scene for some five minutes awaiting back-up. Once they did, they drove off but stopped nearby. As the public safety officer spoke to them, she reported that the woman, still undressed, kept “giggling” and stated that being naked was “completely normal” in her country. It was not known to what country she was referring.

Police also attended and checked out the driver."


cityofmushrooms said...

naked country!
tho the residents need to travel to warmer climes in january

Anonymous said...

Well, everyone walked around naked and had fun in public in Harveyporn and never got arrested or fined.

Now, if I can just remember what country I had set that story in.

JAW fan

Nanuk of the North, Electronic Rapist said...

I sent this story to a "friend" who generously said he would pay the $37 fine if we tried this out. Whatta guy!

cityofmushrooms said...

quite the friend
-has he read harvey porn?