Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Belated Baldwin News

I was very busy at work today and did not have time to comment on our friend Alec getting tossed off a flight for basically being an obnoxious, unruly passenger.

How hard is it to put a phone away when the lights go "ding"? Put the phone away, man.

In JAW Fan's fantasy, I'd imagine, this unruly passenger incident led to a strip search conducted by....JAW Fan, transport security agent!


cityofmushrooms said...

o alec

Susieq said...

Why do celebs find it so hard to behave on airplanes? I mean, we have the now infamous peeing incident with Gerard Depardieu, because apparently there are no toilets, either on the plane or at the airport before you board.
Alec's indescretion joins the long list of drunks, druggies, the phone addicted and the incontinent....