Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Very quarrelsome"

This was reprinted in the Guardian on line today, from their archives of 1862.

"Elizabeth Woolley was charged with throwing a quantity of vitriol at one Margaret Johnson, in Manchester, on the 8th of October last, with intent to do bodily harm. The Jury found the prisoner guilty, and the Judge sentenced her to nine months' hard labour. It appeared that the prisoner was, when sober, a very orderly woman; but she was very much addicted to drink, and, when under its influence, she was very quarrelsome."

I know a few women who are, when sober, very orderly, but when under the influence of drink, well, if not quarrelsome, at least very loud.

In today's news: Our gang of lady friends from work had our Xmas dinner and sing-along last night. There was drink. No vitriol was thrown.

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cityofmushrooms said...

youse's very orderly
(except for the singing)