Sunday, October 02, 2011

Romantic Male Box: Uh-Oh Edition

What an awful weekend. Could the weather be more miserable? I doubt it.

Last night I was bored, so I decided to place an ad on my old friend Craigslist and see if anyone of interest surfaced. Very little to report, though I did hear from a guy who lives on Mariette so if location, location, location is the key, I can't do better than that. But his lifestyle bears too close a resemblance to Fancy Feast's (i.e. POT) so I don't think I'll meet him.

I exchanged a few emails with one guy who seemed educated and promising, but then he mentioned that his ideal woman would be thin, nervous and an activist. 3 strikes, you're out.

Then I heard from a guy who said he lived in the V'Field area. Well, this piqued my interest because I still love V'Field and wouldn't it be fun to meet someone from there? He is 49. So I asked him where exactly he is from and he replied: "H'don". Yikes. So I had to ask if he attended CVR, and he said yes. I decided this was a bit too odd. So this mystery man was a year behind me in high school, and still lives in H'don. For sure, this is someone that the Anonymous siblings know. Too close for comfort. So I had to let it drop, though I am very curious as to who it is. He emailed this morning to ask if I'd reconsidered. I think not.


Sadie! said...

Oh come on, do it then tell us about him!!!

cityofmushrooms said...

I agree w/sadie, ms activist-manque

Anonymous said...

Cut to you doing Little Steven doing Al Pacino on the Sopranos: "Everytime I think I'm out of CVR they pulllll me back in".

You need to find out who this is for Sadie's sake, so get to it.

Anonymous said...

You have to do it! Can you ask him without him finding out who you are? lol

Anonymous said...

Pretend you're someone else just to get his name. Then say you're not interested...and he will forever think it's that other person.

Naturally, pick someone you didn't like

JAW fan

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

Hmmm, the mind of true evil dating genius at work.

Harry Flashman said...

Get his name. I want to know exactly which loser he is. Just kidding!!! No one from H-town is a loser. Get his initials and we can start guessing.

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

Thanks for posting a comment. It allowed me to link to your blog without the embarrassment of having to ask you to remind me of the name of it. Wait, I think I just embarrassed myself.
Oh well, the blogroll is updated now. :D