Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Stop It Already

Why are the Americans jonesing for another war in the Middle East? I mean, really, this will be their third. Gluttons.

Just when I think Obama a.k.a Black Bush can't get any more disappointing he ratchets up the Bushiness. This is stuff to warm the cockles of Cheney's cold, cold heart, if he still had one.

I hate to go all "Mom" on them, but if you haven't finished your Soup War and your Meat-and-Potatoes War, you can't have your Dessert War. That's just the rules.

Excuse me while I go check if there is an Iranian terrorist in my closet. Apparently they are everywhere. Everywhere, I tells ya. Save the Saudis!!

1 comment:

cityofmushrooms said...

they could just re-fight the war of 1812
I know his royalness mr harper would enjoy that