Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm on my soap box

Just a quick rant about that crash at the Indy race yesterday and the driver who was killed. There were a few quotes in the paper today from other drivers saying things like "I can't believe this happened!" etc.

Excuse me. But you are in a job where at any given race, there is a certain percentage of ghouls, I mean spectators, who have specifically bought tickets in the hope of witnessing exactly what happened: a fiery death crash. Best. Race.Ever.

Hope they all captured it on their cell phone cameras. That's a big appeal of this sport.

And drivers are surprised that this accident happened? How ridiculous. Rant over.

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LLJ said...

I know! My Ex was a car racing nut. European and American racing cars. They all have saved tapes of the "best" crashes. Those are always ones where either the driver or more horribly in my eyes, some spectator gets killed.

Even if no one is hurt, I remember all those other car nuts complaining how boring a race was because no one crashed.