Friday, March 25, 2011

Romantic Male Box: Healthy Drink Edition

I exchanged a few emails with a man from CL this week. He said he was 55, lived in the west end somewhere and seemed normal.

Then...yesterday he emails me that he slipped on some ice yesterday morning, banged his noggin and was dizzy so he went to the hospital. They checked him for concussion, told him he was okay and sent him on his way. Still normal.

Then...he tells me how he chatted up the doctor and told her he markets a "health drink". He convinced the doctor to ship 4 bottles of it free to her father. ??? He told me the drink is primarily salt water. ??? But the doctor was very interested in having her father try it.

Then...he forwards me 3 Word documents with explanations of the health drink and testimonials about it. (I did not read them.) and then a YouTube video about this drink. And he writes about 3 additional paragraphs about what it consists of and how healthy it is.


I think maybe they missed the concussion on the x-ray. Back to the old drawing board...


cityofmushrooms said...

swing and a miss, eh?

Susieq said...

so is he in this to meet someone or sell his weirdo sounding drink to people??