Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miscellaneous Thursday News and Griping

Today, Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning AND a rainfall warning...for the same day. This cannot bode well. It's still snowing now but I brought my umbrella to work. I hate life.

In other news...My poor friend Smoothie. He thought he'd met the girl of his dreams two days ago. Now things seem to be going downhill. Looks like what he thought was the start of a beautiful relationship, she thought was a one-night stand. Don't these things usually go the other way between the sexes? It's interesting to watch this unfold from the male point-of-view. He was SO happy yesterday and now he's sinking fast. It's sad. I really wanted him to find a girlfriend. He's lonely. I'm glad I'm not 20-something anymore.

In non-news. Work is stupid, lame, etc. I hate it. What do they call it if you kill your boss? Patron-icide? (Maybe in Quebec.)

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cityofmushrooms said...

your weather is in menopause