Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva Espana

Is that goalkeeper EVER going to stop crying? Stop crying, little goalkeeper. He's so happy.

The octopus will not be denied.


cityofmushrooms said...


Anonymous said...

As predicted a low-scoring cagy affair in the end … when the referee leaves a larger stamp on the match than any of the players things are not going well for the sport… The ultimate downside is the message: you will be rewarded for playing in an ultra-defensive low-scoring fashion. I can only imagine what first-time viewers around the world made of the much-hyped final. Bring back the Glaswegian kisses!


llj said...

I see the oracle octopus is going to retire with a perfect record. Wonder what fin-ey friend will make predictions next time?

Nanuk of the North, the Mastermind behind [blank] said...

You noticed that John Helm mentioned in the first half how the match wasn't nearly as good as the 3rd place one? Everybody likes goals!

I did see that the octopus is taking his well-deserved retirement. ??